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Packing method

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The packaging methods of raw glass mirror and baking glass produced by Zhongli mirror Co., Ltd. are as follows:
Packaging is usually used for domestic sales
1. Iron frame packaging: mainly used for large glass mirror plate packaging, firm and reliable, not easy to break. After a certain number of mirror plates are coated with plastic film and coated with glass paper, they are placed on the iron frame of specific specifications (A-frame or L-shaped frame). The number of glass lenses can be counted directly from the outside. The packaging cost is very low. It is mainly used for further cutting and deep processing. However, the customer needs to pay a certain amount of iron frame deposit and some transportation costs for returning to the iron frame. For domestic sales, domestic customers who are close to each other (such as customers in Qingdao or Shandong Province) mostly use recyclable iron frame packaging to reduce packaging costs.
2. Bare package, which is mainly used for the transportation of glass mirror of large plate and original plate, and requires paper or powder spraying between glass mirrors in each piece. Advantages: reduce capital occupation, do not rent iron frame, reduce procurement costs; It's easy to check for broken glass lenses. Disadvantages: professional loading and unloading tools are required, and the risk factor is high. Professional glass transport vehicles are selected. Generally, professional transport vehicles are equipped with iron frames of type A or l for loading glass.  
3. End cap (or end cap): most of the cases are packed in non fumigation composite board wooden cases, thus saving the cost of fumigation (when exporting, some countries require that the solid wooden cases packed must be fumigated to reduce the pests introduced from abroad); Paper is sandwiched between each glass mirror plate to prevent lens scratch; Then, the whole package lens is wrapped with PE film, and then implanted into the Baotou type wooden box, which is suitable for long-distance sea transportation. The wooden box is easy to open, clean and tidy, and does not require fumigation. There is no cost of returning to the iron frame. The packaging cost is slightly higher. Most of the long-distance shipping or land transportation in China mirror industry adopts this packaging method.
4. Solid wood lattice wooden box packing: the wooden box is packed firmly, and paper is sandwiched between each glass mirror plate to prevent lens scratch; It can be transported freely and suitable for long distance transportation. The wooden case is disposable and does not need to be returned. The packing cost is slightly higher. The customs of some countries require wooden cases to be cleared and fumigated.
5. Carton packaging: single or multiple finished mirrors of Zhongli mirror industry, retail packaging or small lenses, photo frame glass and glass frame glass are mostly packed in cartons, with foam protection or corner protection inside. And then put them in pallets or wooden boxes. This kind of packing method, the packing cost is higher, but the packing is safer, is not easy to break.
6. Possible customers suggest other packaging methods. OEM mode
Packing method
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