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Paint Glass

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2021/03/08 12:00

Paint glass, is a kind of decorative glass with great expressive force. It can be sprayed home painted glass. It is also called back painted glass in the industry. It is divided into plane paint glass and frosted paint glass. Spray paint on the back of the glass, slowly pass through the 70 degree dryer. In many places where baking glass is made, natural air drying is generally adopted. However, the adhesion of the naturally dried paint surface is relatively small, and it is easy to fall off in wet environment. As we all know, paint has a certain harm to human body. In order to ensure the requirements of modern environmental protection and human health and safety in baking glass, we should pay attention to the use of environmentally friendly raw materials and coatings in the production of baking glass. Characteristics of baking glass: water resistance, acid and alkali resistance. Use environmental protection coating, health and safety. Strong adhesion, not easy to fall off. Excellent anti slip performance. UV resistant, color aging resistant. Color selection is strong. Strong weather resistance and structural adhesive compatibility. Strong stain resistance, easy to clean.

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