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Bathroom silver mirror

Release time:
2021/03/15 15:51

The appearance of bath mirror is various, such as square, ellipse, egg circle, etc., or as a single whole, the mirror edge is polished, the mirror surface is carved, exquisite and practical, or as a part of the bathroom cabinet, with mirror lamp, bath cabinet, to create a unified bathroom space. In terms of appearance, bath mirrors can be roughly divided into three types: the first is the large bath mirror, which is directly attached to the bathroom's wide wall and can reflect the half body image; The second kind: table mirror (make-up mirror), can be placed on the toilet table or fixed on the wall through a horizontal telescopic bracket. This kind of bath mirror is generally smaller and is usually used for detailed make-up; The third kind: embedded bath mirror, is in the decoration of the house directly ask the carpenter to make the embedded small wall cabinet, and stick the cut mirror on the cabinet door. Space saving and easy to use: close the door to use as a wall bath mirror, open the door can be placed in the daily medicine, bath products, cosmetics and other small items. Performance: it has the functions of anti humidity, anti-corrosion, anti mildew, anti fungus, heat resistance and anti alkali. Application: it is widely used in bathroom, toilet, living room, lobby, hotel, clothing shop, barber and beauty shop, etc.

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